Comics Spotlight: Alex + Ada

It seems human / AI relationships are all the rage these days. Of course we have previous awesome iterations of human men falling for android ladies (which begs the question, why not human ladies falling for android men?) - such as the supremely awesome Blade Runner, based on the likewise awesome but not as love-focused novella by Philip K. Dick, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep." However, Spike Jonze's AI romance "Her" really took it to a different place: out of the scifi thriller (Blade Runner, I, Robot, etc.) and into the everyday, contemplative love story. The currently-running comic book series Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna with art by Sarah Vaughn (Image Comics) similarly follows a slower pace, more muted aesthetic and portrays a quotidian, emotional dimension. The premise is about an ordinary guy, Alex, who is gifted an android girlfriend by his mom, who is worried about his lack of companionship. She is pretty satisfied with her own android lover (thank you! a lady with an android man!) and wants similar contentment for her son. Ada arrives at his door special delivery, in a box, like it's nothing. Does it qualify for Amazon Prime, I wonder? The story continues from there - and although it's not action-based, it still has kept me interested issue after issue. I highly recommend this series for both scifi fans and those who just appreciate a great story about the complexities of human relationships.

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