Inside TeaNY, Moby's vegan/vegetarian café in Manhattan's Lower East Side

So I'm originally a native of the New York City metropolitan area (or as New Yorkers call it - 'North Jersey'), and with a lot of friends and family still living there, I try to make a point of visiting every few years or so. Needless to say, I love New York. It truly is a 'melting pot' of authentic international flavors, whether you're looking for some real Italian, eating halal gyros from a food truck, or trying Ukranian pierogi for the first time. On the flip side, it's just as cutting edge, as new 'fusion' restaurants and bakeries are constantly popping up all over the city. The last time I visited Manhattan, my sister and I checked out a Banksy installation on the Lower East Side and then walked over to TeaNY, a vegan/vegetarian cafe run by popular EDM artist and animal rights activist Moby. The menu there is really anything you could ever really want from a cafe, including a full breakfast/lunch/dinner menu (vegan empandas! lentil chili!), a loose tea AND espresso bar, and plenty of vegan pastries to choose from. TeaNY creates all of their tea blends themselves, working and reworking different combinations until they feel as if the flavor is just right. It was mid-October when I visited, so I was able to get the Pumpkin TeaNYchino. (All of the flavor comes from the actual tea, so I have no idea how they were able to make a tea taste THAT much like real pumpkin!) A TeaNYchino is a tea-based au lait that can be made with any of their house blends and an assortment of milk options, including soy and almond. One of their most popular is the Earl Grey TeaNYchino, which is a fixed item on their menu. I swear I can still remember the super velvety mouthfeel of my drink's microfoam. They really really know what they're doing. Next time I go to TeaNY, I really want to be able to try their vegan afternoon tea, where they offer three layers of small cakes, pastries, and finger sandwiches along with any tea drink of your choice. You can find TeaNY open daily from 8 AM to Midnight at the following address (closest to the Delancey St., Essex St., and Grand St. transit stops): 90 Rivington St New York City, NY 10002-2205

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