10 Quick Stress Relievers

1. Dance it Out There is nothing better than putting on a ridiculous playlist and jumping around the house. Better yet - if you do this while cleaning up the house you're killing two birds with one stone! Destressing and demessing! 2. Go for a Walk Exercise is a great stress reliever and walking is one of the most calming things you can do. Talk a quick walk around the neighborhood - as short as 10 minutes! It will clear your mind and get your back in the game. 3. Talk About It Sometimes you just need to get that stress off of your chest. Let someone else in to your head and share what is bothering you. Who knows, they might have advice or can offer help to make your life much easier. There is always someone ready to listen, and if you feel like there isn't please message me! I'm here :) 4. Breathe Take a big step back from everything and just breathe. Close your eyes and focus on your breath until your mind stops running a mile a minute. 5. Go to Bed Earlier Sleep is an incredible ally when it comes to stress relief. Catching a few extra Z's will make a huge difference in your attitude. Even if your stress is coming from not having enough time in your day, running on little sleep isn't going to make your situation any better. 6. Focus on What You Can Control If things are out of your control they can eat away at you, so don't focus on them. Look at what you can control and change, and then see how you can form these things into something that can relieve some of your stress. You're always missing the bus? Wake up 5 minutes earlier. 7. Remember the Good Times Reflecting on past memories is a great way to forget the stress of the present. Remember when you were stress-free and happy and think of how you can get back to that mindset. 8. Ask for a Hug Sometimes a hug really changes everything. Knowing someone is there for you is so important in times of stress and the ultimate sign of support is a giant bear hug! 9. Look for Opportunities in Your Challenges When a door closes, a window opens. How can you make these stressful situations work for you? How can you learn or gain from experiences like this? 10. Smile Smiling is actually an important move in yoga practice, It naturally relaxes your face and brightens your mood. Even if you feel you have nothing to smile about, try it out and see the difference it makes. Try it right now! Smile!!

Hi! I'm Amy Brown, and I love helping people start and maintain healthy, happy lifestyles.
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