The Making of "Boyhood" - See the Touching Inside Story

It's made me so happy to see some of you, like me, being taken in by the idea of Boyhood, the movie filmed over the course of 12 years with the same cast. I wrote about it in this card: Today I came across an incredibly touching mini-documentary featurette made in conjunction with the movie, giving us an inside view of the making of Boyhood, complete with interviews and footage at many different points in the years they filmed it. It is a beautiful look at their growth, at the way they had to get to know each other at the beginning to the point of being a family - and the choices they had to make in the filming process to effectively portray the story seamlessly over such a long period with short bursts of filming. There are many great moments in the 10ish minutes of the featurette, but here are some of my favorites: Patricia Arquette comments: "All the areas that we are unaware of, all of the things we miss, how we think these big moments are life: When I graduate. When I get married. But really maybe life is the moments in between those big moments." Director Peter Linklater asks: "When does growing up end and aging begin?" And as Ethan Hawke points out - it makes you so aware of how quickly time passes by, and how important it is to really just live in the present moment and savor it. I've attached the video - I'd love to know how you feel after watching it.

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