First Christmas

Written for the prompt of@greggr : ............ Is this an earthquake? Nooo, this is Christmas. I knew. This year I will not miss the Christmas. All of them told me, this is insane; but i knew. It worked. All others went to secret places, but i knew mittens are the perfect places for the winter sleep if you want to be waken up in Christmas. I know humans, I read a lot about them, and this was the perfect plan to see Christmas before I pass away. I learned that they use these red mittens just in Christmas and hided in this for my winter sleep, and i knew, when the right time came they will wake me up. And here i am. But i need to be hurry. I need to escape and find my food stock before someone sees me. I need to reach the shelter. I am starving. I have a long journey to shelter. This is my last winter, and I want to see Santa Claus. I always heard stories about him, but was always sleeping when he visited our home. But this time, no, I will wait and see him. ..... Finally, I am in the shelter. But, where did I put my shovel? Ohh, kids. They do this all the time. They think that this is funny. If I woke up in spring, ok. But now I need to find a shovel. It is funny that humans think we use our hands to dig. Hahahahha. I am laughing each time when I think about this. We are just ant, not mole. Oh, it's there, inside that nutshell. ..... Christmas night. This is beyond my imaginations. So magical. Now I understand why all those books are written about Christmas. I think the best place to wait Santa is under the pine tree. He puts the presents there. ...... Everyone slept. When he is going to come? I have only one wish. I lived in this world for years, read and learned a lot. I just want to talk with humans. I want to share my knowledge and learn theirs. I hope Santa can do this. ..... It is nearly 3 am. I am so tired. I should not eat that much. This makes me sleepy. ....... Ohh, the sun is so shiny. Nooo, i overslept. I missed him. But wait a second. This is not me. Who am I? These feathers, these wings. I am a parrot. Yessss, now I can speak with humans, and can fly. Thanks Santa, Merry Christmas

I hope my existence means something to someone...
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