Nurse Jackie: Home Early (Season 4, Episode 3)

Jackie's back at work after her stint in rehab, and my have things changed around the hospital. She checked herself out of rehab after 16 days, instead of the standard 28 days. Jackie says that she needs to get back to Grace, who seems to be going through her terrible tweens, eyeliner and all; however, it seems that Jackie doesn't like the vulnerability that rehab presents because she doesn't want to examine herself in that manner. (She started using drugs after Grace was born b/c the crying annoyed her). hmm, I wonder what's in store for next week.

Hi! hmmm, about me... I became interested in anime, manga, and asian culture in general because her older brother forced me to watch it. I was also the captain of her basketball, softball, and soccer teams in high school, so I am really into sports too.
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