stay stong till the end

in life we tend to trust the wrong person in the end we end up hurting ourselves. many people will come in our lifetime and pretend to care and later on make up things but we can do better than that and keep our head up and show them that we are better than them and prove that they are wrong. Hater will always hate even if you are yourself they still judge trying to fit in is a mistake because in the end they still judge you just got to be yourself and smile. let them hate because god picked you to be you if he would of wanted to you be different he would have made you different remember it doesnt matter what they say or think they are not living your life so you enjoy and decide your future its the decisions we make that build and make us who we are and remember always keep your head up high never lower it down for anyone. 👌

i can't tell you th keys to success but i can tell you that pleasing everyone will lead you to failure
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