The World's Smallest Stage: An NYC Subway Car

Time to talk about something that is close to my heart - subway dancers. I took the D train twice a day, every day, for three years from way up in the Bronx down to the Village. In other words, half of my life was spend in those cracked and hard orange seats. There was always something going on in the subway no matter what time it was, be in Kevin who was "making an honest living selling snacks," the mariachi band that only knew one song, or the 12 year olds who were better gymnasts than half of the American Olympic team. These kids pop out of thin air, start blasting MJ out of seemingly no where, and literally hand from the ceiling of the train while others do back flips, head spins, and hand stands. It just isn't New York without almost getting kicked in the face at least once before going to work. I've attached Scott Carthy’s debut film with records the recently criminalized art of subway dancing. You read that right, these dancers can now be forcefully taken off of a train for their performances. The footage follows one of New York’s most prolific dance groups, the W.A.F.F.L.E crew, and ends with their last dance on the improvised stage of a subway car. Check out the attached interview with the film's director Scott Carthy as well!

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