Crazy Feels Playlist!!! part 2

Sorry this took so long, but anyway here are another ten songs that give me crazy feels, and without a doubt prove that I'm a total fanboy XD 1. We Are a Bit Different - EvoL This song is one of those songs where I just can't help dancing (rather awkwardly) along. It's fun catchy and all together a great song! 2. Heaven - Jo Kwon feat. Miso of GLAM Another song that I just can't help but love, whenever this song comes on I usually end up listening three or four times XD 3. Red Lipstick - Hyorin feat. Zico This song is dangerous, if I'm not careful, I'll find myself wasting hours of time listening to it over and over, (Well I suppose it's not a waste of time, but it's hardly productive XD) 4. MTBD - CL True to the meaning of the title, Mental Breakdown, this song does cause a semi mental breakdown, whenever it comes on I sort of stop thinking and automatically sing and dance along. 5. Want U Back - 100% I know very little about 100% but this song is just so catchy, and that beat, aggh it's just so awesome :) 6. Doom Dada - T.O.P Ok so granted the MV is strange, although actually pretty cool if you understand it :) this song is epic and the reason why I like T.O.P so much! 7. Up & Down - EXID EXID have fast become one of my absolute favourite groups, I love their music so much, this is another one of those songs that I just can't help but smile when its on ^^ 8. Loving U (House Rulez Remix) - Sistar So normally I really don't like remixes, but this song is an exception, I cannot believe how strong the feels I get from this song are XD 9. Don't Look at Me Like That - Song Jieun This song rides on a much darker vibe but I absolutely love it, the very first note she sings and I'm totally gone! 10. Let Me Know - BTS This song really took me by surprise, I was so not expecting this, it totally blew me away ^^ Sorry if some of these videos won't play, if the watch on YouTube button doesn't work I would urge you to look them up yourself, especially if you haven't heard the song before :) Full credit to the owners of these videos, and the amazing artists that perform them.(I do not own these videos) @jiggzy19

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