DIY Bicycle Chain Clock

Here is a short do it yourself project on how to make a bicycle chain/cassette clock. You will need a synchronous motor, wood, uncycled bicycle chain, uncycled rear cassette, and wood cutting tools. First (2) you will to cut the wood base to create a pocket for the motor. The finished wood cut should look something like this (3). This DIY uses 4 pieces of wood glued together. Make sure to sand it afterwards! You'll need bronze bearings mounted in a cover plate (4). One bearing for the cassette drive shaft and the other for the motor output. Now you will need to attach the cassette to a shaft and bearing (5) so it can both spin and be connected to the motor. The shaft will connect to this motor (6) which will be placed in the hole in the wood we cut earlier. The clock is built in this picture (7), but the cassette is not attached yet. Next you will want to make your number links that will fit in the chain, these were made by a laser printer (8) but you can get creative here! Make sure you leave space for the cog to work (9). The finished product will be a sweet working clock! (10)

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