The ebove B\01 Bike Trainer

You guys have to check this out, if this is the future of bicycle trainers then I am excited. Not for the price (I know the price will be outlandish) but how fun indoor training my finally be. Here's just a glimpse into the ebove machine. It was developed by Norwegian tech start-up Activetainment. Essentially the ebove is an exercise bike designed with virtual reality in mind. The user can put on a VR headset (or just look at a screen) to get a 3d view of a fabricated landscape. To put the rider more into the mindset, somehow the bike will move with the motion of the virtual setting. There are road rides, velodrome rides, and mountain bike rides; they are all tracked with loads of data and a virtual leader board. I'm sure you can see how a moving trainer in virtual reality would be a game changer for indoor training. I'm curios to see how this will effect the landscape of indoor training!

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