Dan Brown Hangs Upside-down to Get Writing

We may not always love what we write. In fact, chances are, we will more often than not absolutely despise every word that leaks from our pens. Still, we love that we write. We love that we can create turns of words on the page, that, after some hours of revision, say something about the world that deserves to be captured. And so when we are faced with writer's block (what whatever you want to call it), we are angry. And frustrated. And mad. Because we love to write, as much as we claim to hate it at times. Thankfully, we know we are not alone in this struggle: hundreds of writers have documented their experiences in dealing with the disorder, and there are ways to cope. Here, for example, are two videos explaining how Dan Brown (author of the Da Vinci Code) overcomes his writer's block. How do you overcome yours?

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