Closets Repurposed for Creative Use

I love the idea of transforming a closet space to get a home more organized. We have a closet near the living room which I'm thinking to repurpose it to something more useful. As I'm gathering ideas I found these cool spaces that's made out of a closet. 1. Office Nook The first thing that caught my attention was the small bench and pillow. It's a nice little space to chill and read when you're tired of filing paperworks. Since I've been using my bedroom desk shelves to store yearly budget folders, this might be a better alternative. (via Dans Le Lakehouse). 2. Productivity zone The chalkboard wallpaper is a creative idea. I imagine leaving post it notes or even writing out reminders for the whole family using the wall. In addition, this is a super functional office space. (via No. 29 Design). 3. Tiny reading corner Too bad my kids are all grown up or this would make a cute reading room before nap time. I'm also madly in love with the curtains. (via Balancing Home). 4. A Mini Mudroom A smart and practical way to clear the entry way. The hanging hooks, baskets and bench is totally genius. (via Nalle's House). I'm torn between #1 and #4. Maybe I'll combine the idea into one somehow. Which one is your favorite?

Sally from San Diego. A homemaker and part-time nanny. Loves cooking and enjoy projects in the home.
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