Island (Part 2)

Island (Part 1) ................................... Lucy tells me that we are safe, we have food and a place to sleep, and she wants us to stay here. She says that we don't know what is in other islands. Actually, she is right, but I will not stay here as a laboratory rat and wait my end. I have to make preparations and go to other islands. We find a wood stock near the caravan. Because we can't burn wood in this weather for heating, there should be two explanations for this: to make a camping fire on the beach and have fun, or build a raft. We are doing both of them. We are cutting bed sheets in the caravan as thin and long pieces and using them as rope. Building a raft from short woods will take long time, but we don't have a better thing to do. We are making a fire at the beach at night. We are trying to make the fire as big as we can. So, if there are some others in other islands we can inform them that we are here. I am feeding the fire during all the night and waiting for a sign of fire or smoke from the other islands. I am opening my eyes with the sounds of waves. We felt asleep on the beach near the fire. I felt asleep on beach several times before, and each time I woke up with terrible pains. But this time I woke up as if I slept over a feather bed. After the breakfast, we are starting to build our raft. During the day we are playing our childhood games with Lucy. Some how we need to spend time. We continue making fire that we made last night, with the hope that someone can see the smoke. Days has passed like this, but no one responded to our fire or smoke. When we finished our raft, we already made two oars and a rudder. For our safety we decided to send our small raft, that we already made, to other island first. We need to be sure that what happened under the water will not happen over the water. There is no guarantee where will we reach if we try to go under the water again. This time we can leave the water at the other side of the universe. We made a small sail to our small raft, so the wind can take it to the other coast. We are sending our small raft to other coast with Lucy. We are very excited. Wind slowly inflates the sails and our small raft slowly starts its journey. I think there is only one or two kilometers between two islands. We are sitting at the beach and watching our small raft. Next morning we will sail with our raft. I hope everything will be fine. A few hours later our small raft reaches the other island. Lucy is dancing with screaming because of happiness. But I am anxious; it shouldn't be so easy. This is our last night in our island. We are not making fire tonight. We are eating our sandwiches and going back to our caravan. In last few days Lucy turned our caravan into a wonderful artwork. Paintings and drawings are all over the caravan. It is so funny when we look as a whole. I wish this was a real island and we would live here together with Lucy. We left marks explaining who we are and where we are going, if some others come to this island after we leave. We told where they can find food and wood. At the end of the night we are falling asleep because of fatigue, excitement and happiness. Tomorrow a brand new adventure is waiting for us. Just after we felt asleep, the picnic basket starts shining. The covers can not handle the pressure of the light and the light opens the covers and goes up to the sky. At the same time, from all islands light beams are going up to the sky. Light, inside the basket, starts spreading all over the island as a half meter light cloud. When the light reaches the caravan it surrounds and slowly starts to enter and fill the caravan through under the door, and surrounds our bed. It starts to cover all our bodies starting from feet. When it reaches to our foreheads as the last open points, two stars appear. The stars enter our heads and fully covers our bodies. I am opening my eyes. I am alone. Where is Lucy? is my first thought. But, right then I notice that I am flying. Rather, I am hanging in the air. Everything is so shiny, that everywhere is white. I can't distinguish anything. I am inside a white light sphere. There is only one questiom in my mind: What is going to happen now?

I hope my existence means something to someone...
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