Should Players be Paid to Sit?

Should players consider tanking? The question has always been “should tanking be allowed?” That to me is a very simple question… Yes. Why should it not be allowed? If a team believes that its best way to be competitive is through the draft, then why should they not do it? Other teams are welcomed to ruin their seasons as well. It is fair game, unlike saying buying up players in free agency. An to add to the “fairness,” it is not even a guarantee that tanking will help you get the 1st pick, thanks to the (broken) lottery system. However, even if management decides to tank, should players take the season off? The question is fundamentally different. Team management is paid to work the phones, and set up their team to win, even if it is in the long-term future. Coaches still need to coach. Executives are expected to work the phones, and be executing their plan. But what are players paid to do? Play! Then what happens when the team’s best interests is for their star player (being paid over 20 million!) to sit the season out? Should the player oblige? He is basically being told to sit, watch, and collect his paycheck. Is that the right thing to do? In the Knicks case? Yes, it is. Anthony has clearly pushed himself beyond his body’s limits, and that is actually causing more harm than good. The man in the midst of a 5 year, 100+ million contract! And this is his first year! Why should he risk injuring his leg when the team knows that it prefers to lose games? The rationale is against Anthony… but I do admire him for doing something that may make him unpopular. He is trying to own up to his contract, as best as he can. Now that he has shown us that he has pride, he has too show us he has brains, though. He needs to shut it down, and prepare himself mentally and physically for next year.

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