5 Tips for Flawless Lips

Every time I see a new color out I'm excited to put it on my own lips. I've tested out many colors and I find that coral and red are my favorite. What I love about lipstick is it's a cheap thrill that can brighten up my face. There's many brands and options out there, here's a cheatsheet to get that flawless plucker. 1. Create a visual. You were browsing through a magazine and saw a lip color you want to try? Rip that photo out and keep it in your purse. Then take it shopping with you, so you can easily compare the colors. 2. Play with the finish. You really don't know what suits you best until you try it. Test out a few textures (ex: glossy, matte). If you got a good feel for one, go for that it. 3. Experiment with color. Don't be afraid to try that red lipstick you've been eyeing on. That's why Sephora have samples! Take advantage of the endless selections they have. Find what looks best with your skintone and the level of color you are most comfortable with. 4. Ask an expert. You've been shopping around but have no idea what's best for you? Makeup artists can help you. Don't be afraid to ask for opinion. What can you loose? You'll only walk away with a few new and exciting recommendations. 5. Exfoliate and condition. Before you put on your favorite color, exfoliating and conditioning is a vital step! Use a lip scrub to get all the dead skin cells off. Then follow up with a conditioning and hydrating lip balm. Here's a secret - do this at night and walk up with plump lips. It makes lipstick application easier during the day. :)

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