Urban Being (Destrage), What I Think

Urban Being is the first album of Destrage, a new band from Milano, Italy. I read at first that the guys play some kind of Death / Thrash Metal and I was a bit afraid to listen to this CD because a lot of bands do that nowadays and rarely propose anything new or special. I give a try to Urban Being and the surprise was really good actually! Urban Being is a killer release, especially if you like to listen to Lamb Of God and Chimaira. You'll not have the right to miss it! Urban Being is fast and aggressive as hell and all the riffs featured on the album are all powerful and thrashy! Like Chimaira and Lamb Of God, Destrage plays a good mix of modern Thrash and Death Metal which is accessible but cannot be considerate like a new ersatz of Metalcore. Sure some choruses are rally melodic and some voices can be clean but the riffs and drums parts are so strong and violent that the ones who only want real blasts will also enjoy the release. Also the guitars soli are here and not for nothing, Urban Being is technical before being commercial. Sure this is modern and clearly influenced by the US Metal scene but in the genre, Destrage is a lot better than Soilwork for example. I could describe all the songs but just have a look at this album and you'll quickly understand that those Italians are masters of riffs and good melodies. For a first album, this is definitely promising! The guys are all really good technically speaking and it's even quite difficult to believe that it's a first album. When some bands need at least three albums to get real musical maturity, Destrage just need one release (and two demos) to kick our asses! With a great production I really believe that the band will find the way to cross the ocean to find fans in America where this album should be more popular than in Europe. But don't worry the European metalheads should be convinced too, because "quality" is a trademark of Urban Being. If you're into modern Metal, don't miss this album. No doubt that the fans of melodic extreme Metal will find at least one killer song for them in the release so don't wait anymore time and get Urban Being as soon as possible! Destrage could become the new sensation from Italy!

Hi everyone! I'm Samuele, I'm 23 and I live in Italy. I'm a musician addicted to metal, especially power, prog and all kinds of metal where some virtuoso players are. I also love poetry, Latin and Greek in particular :) Feel free to comment on my posts!!
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