Candy Land

"This country is full of airheads", they say. Just a gang of people who should be called Butterfingers because they can't do anything properly. Young women who want to be with guys like superman, but have been walking past Clark this whole time. And Boys who want kissing, touching, and feeling, but don't appear to desire anything else. Relationships going from "I'm dating Mike!" to "I'm dating Mike & Ike at the same time!" Nerds who are being teased for being the bright ones. But no, it's all right, it's cool because they will be your boss, some day, Now or Later. Siblings yelling "You're a Dum Dum!" When they don't obtain what they want. Then Snickering as they run away, knowing you can't catch them. And what's that other thing that they say about us? Whatchamacallit? Never mind, I can't even recall. We exist in this land filled with so much drama That we don't even notice the sweetest things in life anymore. Others look at us like we are the cavities resting on children's teeth. Rotting, decaying, taking over, and wearing down what is important. Now it's time that we take charge, Place upright on that pedestal with our heads up high And our candy bars raised Saying "Well, you know what, maybe I'm just a little overly sweet for you."

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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