Seahawks Turn Panthers Away: 31 Seattle -17 Carolina

For 3 quarters, it seemed like the Panthers might be ready to stun the entire football world. What would be more incredible than the lowly Panthers, who did not "deserve" to be in the playoffs, knocking off the "unstoppable" Seahawks in Centurylink field. But then again, the Hawks are the Hawks. They are the SuperBowl champs becuase they have a plethora of incredible playmakers. Today, it was Russel Wilson and Kam Chancellor. Wilson threw for 3 TDs and 268 yards, while Chancellor literally flew over people to block 2 fields. He also sealed away the win by returning a INT for a 6 in the 4th. So all in all, Chancellor, by himself, accounted for a 13 point turnaround. Now, the Hawks await the winner between the Packers and Cowboys. It will be interesting to see who comes out of that game, as many are saying that the Boys may be the only team that possess a weapon that may beat the daunted Hawks' defense: a power running game. While Sherman says that his team doesn't care (and he is probably being honest considering how cocky that team is), he may live to regret those words if the Boys indeed do run through the Hawks and into the Superbowl.

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