Got Hit By a Car And The Driver Snapped My Board -_-

What A Way to Start The New Year lol So Im Riding at About 10-15Mph i was Getting Ready to build speed and bomb a hill but to many cars where behind me not to mention i had no Helmet so cool i got on the side walk and continued and as im riding to come to an intersection im slowing down and i see him and theirs a stop sign . he stops so i continue going and turned in front of his car . come to find out he didnt look to his left and Bam hits my back leg/Pushing Leg and i go stumbling and SNAP!!! -_- ..... at least on the bright side Im Getting a New Longboard for #2015 Hopefully This year I Can Kick it up a Notch Including With My Video's on My Youtube Channel SUBSCRIBE :) Would Love the Feedback Twitter :@JoHnLongboard_

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