Why I love Magical, Idol Animes: An Opinion

As much as I love watching an entire anime series from start to finish in a week or so, or reading a whole manga series (no matter what the topic!), there's nothing that sticks with me as much as two main genres: idol anime, and magical girl animes. Now, some of you guys will probably be like "You're a girllll, Kayla, so that's why you like this girly stuff." You've got it absolutely, totally wrong! When I want girly anime I go for Shoujo boys, not powerful girls! Seriously, think about it. I'm a girl, so I want to watch an anime that provides me with inspiration and encourages me to push forward. While that can be found in non-girly themed animes (there are a lot of strong female anime characters!), there's something distinctly wonderful about watching a bunch of girls kick ass. Wearing pink. Sometimes singing. Always cute! Madoka Magica has been an anime that taught me lessons (and made me cry) in ways I can't forget: it's a lesson in loyalty, self-less sacrifice and destruction that I won't soon forget. AKB0048, too, brings together seemingly weak girls to fight not only for their lives, but for the freedom of the galaxy, and if you don't think that's badass (especially considering they defend it through song and some crazy attack numbers) I don't know who you are. Love Live, too, takes a less "magical" approach and shows girls that they can be strong while also remaining distinctly girly (and in this case, idol-like!) while learning about themselves and each other. So that's where I'm at. Do you like idol or magical girl animes? Why? Share in the comments which ones I should watch next!

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