The Incredible Story of a 62-year-old Snowboarder

I hope this reminds us that age is just a number. This is a short documentary of a 62-year-old snowboarder named Milos Kmetko from Slovakia. Mikos is not your typical senior citizen, many of his peers would think he is crazy and he spends most of his time with people significantly younger than he. However, he refuses to allow his age to take away his ability to snowboard. "It’s not often that someone discovers snowboarding like this later in life. In many ways you can call Milos Kmetko’s adoption of boardriding as a midlife crisis, where he could begin to see old age setting in and he refuses to let it take him. Snowboarding is not a friendly sport to someone in their sixties and yet, this man has thrown himself at it with all his being. “I’m realized I would not be able to have fun with people my age,” Milos admits, “I need to be with people that are young because I understand them better.” He is the perfect example of snowboarding’s youthful power. When you dedicate yourself to something fun, to learning a new skill with endless opportunities for progression, that is a very special thing. So to see Milos ride and listen to why he snowboards is nothing short of extraordinary. A 62-year-old snowboarder: If you want to see something inspiring today, this is it." “I cannot imagine that I would be sitting at home or gardening like the typical retiree.” – Milos Kmetko

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