STAY TUNED every 10minutes Updates 1>"So! Will you come with me or Roth in this Office?" Says Jaehyuk to Gayoung. She is made to choose between Jaehyuk or Youngul! Gayoung almost went for Jaehyuk!! Youngul:"You seriously will go for him" Gayoung:"Mr Jaehyuk, i'll see you tomorrow at the office!". Youngul, shocked, yet he holds himself together, steps on that usual uncontrolable pride of his, and comes towards Gayoung, looks at her deeply:"You ain't going no where". That was the most Romantice thing EVER XD 2>Jaehyuk, defeated, leaves boiling over. At the office the next day, he still goes over and over that scene, where Gayoung does as Youngul tells her to. AS if she just needed him to come and Stop her from leaving..Jaehyuk hits the desk as hard as he can. He Hates youngul even more now."Where was that factory he's now the making the clothes, again?" He asks his secretary. I'm Scared of what he's planning to do as a revenge >< 3>Meanwhile, Youngul's office is bombarded by calls from The US, Japan..everyone is calling to get a piece of their clothes. Oh, Yu ain's fluent english and Japanese skills bllew me away. Suddenly, Gayoung receieves a text msg from JAehyuk."Come out.". What is she thinking?She still goes out to meet me him at the bar:"I Wanted to see your face. You are this Close. Yet I can't have you. So i thought of this..If -I- can't have you, then no one should". Ok...Im starting to soften up for this man LOL 3>"What's wrong with you?"Says Youngul."You seriously still don't know? Last chance...I'll give you one more chance. Either you come to me, and start working with me for broader chances for your career, and you'll have me too, or..Him" Adds Jaehyuk. Gayoung takes the bus and Looks-Shaken Up- >< She's back, finds Youngul sketching new outfits looking as happy as kid. He notices something's wrong. She just goes to sleep. She still thinks of Jaehyuk..Gayoung, No way, are you having feelings for him now?? 4>"BOSS!!!!!! A- M-M-M-All j-j-j-just ordered Tons of our clothes!! Can't convert this to Korean won, P-P-Please help!" screams one of the workers at Youngul's lilttle factory. Indeed, the US order ordered a Huge amount of their clothes! Thrilled, Youngul and everyone screams and jumps, and Youngul ends up taking Gayoung in his ARMS Aww~..But, later, she goes and stares at her phone..i Can't believe she's there hesitating to call Jaehyuk -_- 5>LAter, as she's sleeping again(depressed?), Youngul comes in to check on her:"Just what is it that's making you this down.." He just takes her shoes off, and covers her up. Later, he's writing something:"Happy birthday sweet...nah nah nah...Happy B-day, my soul..nah nah nah.." LOL As he goes to put this sweet b-day msg next to her bed, he finds this outer wear with Jaehyuk's company Tag on it! 6>As korean traditions says, on your b-day you have to get the greatest breakfast, plus a special soup, guess what? Youngul wakes up and cokks it all for her *TEARS* All emotional, Gayoung is tearing up while eating:"Jeez, you are so good at Sobbing" LOL "Wait, that's not all. Check this" Youngul has actually being sewing this one kind Dress just for Gayoung >< *Part 2:

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