THE INSIDE LANE - Tech Talk - Tacx Seat Clamp Bottle Mount Review

PROS:THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!CONS:BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT LOSE ANY OF THE SCREWS OR NUTS THAT COME WITH THIS ITEM!VERY IMPORTANT!YOU CANNOT TURN YOUR BIKE OVER AND SIT IT ON IT'S SEAT AND BARS FOR QUICK UNDER THE BIKE REPAIRS.THE BOTTOM LINE -SEE MY REVISED ASSESSMENT OF THIS PRODUCT - IT BROKE IN HALF DURING A RIDE....NOTFor under $20 - it is what it is. Not the best designed or best built device but it is an affordable way to try seat mounted bottles - if you decide you like them I recommend you get the Profile Design bottle system - made of aluminum and built to sit below the seat (so you can still turn your bike over for quick repairs) - it's 4 times as expensive - but worth it.

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