6 Hair Myths Debunked

You probably heard of these old wives' tales hair myth from your mom or grandma, but which ones are actually valid? Read on to find out! 1. The Myth: You should wash your hair everyday. [False] Daily hair wash will remove your hair's natural oil and protein. As a result your hair will be dried out and will produce more oil to replenish its moisture loss. This cause a cycle of excessive product usage. 2. The Myth: Stress can turn your hair gray. [Possibly True] My mom tends to use this phrase when we're giving her headache. While it's a commonly held belief researchers have found some evidence that stress can contribute to gray hair via stem cell mechanism. 3. The Myth: If you pluck a grey or white hair, more will grow. [False] Each hair follicle can reproduce about one hair after being plucked regardless of color. Think about what happens when you over-pluck your eyebrows. It makes more sense that too much plucking will lead to bald spot instead. 4. The Myth: Wearing ponytails and braids frequently can make your hair fall out. [True] If you tie or braid your hair too tight and frequently sport an updo it can be unhealthy for your hair. These styles pull on the hair and can cause tension that leads to breakage and hair loss. 5. Going outside with wet hair when it's cold can make you sick. [False] Growing up my mom always told me that. However, the truth is colds and other illnesses are caused by airborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria), not by standing outside with wet hair. 6. The Myth: You should brush your hair with 100 brush stories every day. [False] Brushing your hair constantly each day can cause split ends.

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