1>Neverthless, Gayoung wears that very same dress and goes to Jaehyuk's compagny. She made her choice. Jaehyuk seeing her, smiles as brighly as never before. But when he starts talking bad about Youngul, She stops him. Anna comes in, jaehyuk introduces Gayoung as the new addition to their team. Ubelievable. Anna on the other, follows Gayoung:"I would have never imagined that you'are this -KIND- of person. Your look's pretty deceiving". Why would you do that to Youngul WHY ㅜㅠ.. While Jaehyuk's head of the department is praising Gayoung's sketches, Youngul arrives!! He witnessed everything! He goes straight to Jaehyuk:"Listen, I might be a jerk, but i wish you'd consider still what i'm about to say. Gayoung..Gayoung's still young, in her early 20's, she doesn't even know this world properly, so don't you play her or her Heart". That was so Moving ㅜㅠ.. 2>Anna, on her part, follows Jaehyuk to the bar. He treats her like some Fangirl Stalking. He's so means to her. She's telling how he should be careful of not totally falling for what he thinks is the right girl for him and all..He's not even giving her the least amount of attention. What a high class jerk. *Part3:

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