No-Heat Sock Curls

Give your hair a break from heating tools and try this sock bun trick. Use the method before you sleep and wake up with gorgeous, bouncy and heatless curls. Ready to try it? Grab a few pair of socks to get started. 1. Detangle your hair with brush. Section it off, taking the hair at the crown and leaving the sides and nape for later. Use a spray bottle to dampen your hair or run a wet comb through it. 2. Take a clean sock and roll your hair around it starting at the ends. Make sure to smooth the ends as you roll. 3. Roll the sock all the way up, stopping just beneath the crown area. Tie the sock in a simple knot to secure the hair in place. 4. Using additional socks, repeat the steps, curling the hair along the nape and sides. --- Bed Time --- 5. When you wake up in the morning, untie the socks. 6. Turn your head upside down and use your fingers to separate the curls. 7. Arrange and separate the curls with your fingers. 8. To finish, use some frizz control product to smooth out the curls. Tip: run it through the ends of hair.

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