K-Pop Challenge: My 'All About Desire' Playlist

So this week,@MattK95 challenged me to make a playlist based on the word 'desire'. This probably could have been open to anything - like 'desiring' to get back with someone or 'desiring' to boom shaka laka (wow fantastic baby), but I focused on the idea of lust and initial attraction. The major theme going on in most of these songs is there's a really attractive stranger that just walked into the room, and they've definitely caught your attention. So without further ado, MY PLAYLIST!! 1. "Coach Me" - Hyorin of Sistar, San-E, and Jooheon of NO.MERCY: This song is one of those racy dim the lights kind of jams, but I love it anyway. It's about desiring to take things to, uh, the next level. Anyway. 2. "Take Out" - Untouchable feat. Mayson The Soul: The lyrics to this song pretty much read like a really long pick-up line. The chorus is totally jazzy too. (Have you guys heard of Untouchable? Their songs are so awesome! They're on Secret and B.A.P's label, TS Entertainment.) 3. "Taxi" - M (aka Minwoo of Shinhwa): Every good K-Pop fan has a favorite member of Shinhwa and Lee Minwoo is definitely mine. He's Rain level swaggy. His latest solo single "Taxi" is about how he still can't stop thinking about the one who got away - the woman he met in a taxi. This music video is hilarious. I love how his back-up dancers are all dressed up like SNSD in their Mr. Taxi MV, and I especially love how my favorite Korean ex-pat Sam Hammington plays a rapping taxi driver! 4. "Thinking About You" - Loco feat. Jay Park: I love this song so much. The music video is a little ridiculous in a very AOMG way, but I think Loco is an amazing rapper. He was actually the first winner of Show Me The Money, the rapper equivalent of KPop Star that Bobby from IKON recently won the third season of. 5. "Would You?" - Swings feat. Seo In Guk: In this video, the rapper, Moon Swings, desires a very apathetic NS Yoon G. In real life, my pet dachshund desires a tall, dark, and handsome Seo In Guk. (No, seriously. Whenever he's on television, she stops what she's doing to watch. Although I can't say I'd blame her.) 6. "Attraction" - Bumkey of Troy feat. Dynamic Duo: What is one of my playlist challenges without a Dynamic Duo song? I love this song so much, and both the song and the video definitely fit the 'desire' theme. I love that the main girl in this video is Ellin from Crayon Pop. She looks all sorts of grown up when she's not wearing her "Bar Bar Bar" helmet! 7. "만나" - Primary feat. Zion.T: This song is all about wanting to meet the sexy lady who walked into the room. I'm not really sure what the English title is of this though. Maybe "Let's Meet" or "Meeting". Something along those lines. Either way, I love everything about this song. 8. "Hole In Your Face" - Phantom: This song is about Sanchez of Phantom wanting a woman so badly that all he can do is stare at her picture. And he stares at the picture so hard that he wonders how he hasn't burned a hole through her face. If this logic worked, T.O.P from Big Bang probably wouldn't have a face because 90% of my friends stare at it on their cellphone backgrounds all of the time. 9. "Want U" - Junggigo feat. Beenzino: 너를 원해 or 'no-reul won-hae' is how you express that you want someone in Korean. This song's title is literally 너를 원해, so it was the first song I could think of when I found out this week's theme was 'desire'. He's straight-forward, that Junggigo. I like his style.

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