Island (Part 3)

Island (Part 1) Island (Part 2) .................... White light sphere moves and starts spinning. Its color turns into bright green. It was so bright that I can look only by squinting my eyes. When I look carefully, I see that consists of thousands of tiny wheels. All wheels begin to spin in perfect harmony. Wheels change color in each turn. Colors are mixing with each others. More precisely, the colors are coming out through each other. As if the waves created by a drop falling into the water, each color is extending and becoming transparent with the arrival of other colors. As if someone is pushing towards a rainbow on me and in every meter another splash of colors are coming over me. With the changes of colors, the dimensions of the small wheels begin to change. Wheels of all sizes are spinning in perfect harmony in this revelry of colors. I am not afraid. On the contrary, I am filling with happiness with movements and growing and shrinking of each wheel. Wheels turn into shapes; triangles, circles, pentagons, octagons. All shapes are being born from within each other, and each one brings a new revelry of colors. The sphere is starting to grow and shrink. With each change of color and shape, it's getting closer and moving away. When it gets closer, with the pressure of colors and shapes I am filling with more happiness. When the sphere moves away from me, I am giving out happiness which is too much for me. Movements of the sphere begin to slow. Shapes and colors are slowly staying in the background. Sphere begins to expand and turns into a bright frosted glass. It looks like a plastic bag consisting of zigzags which has an outward depth. The sphere continues expanding, or seems to me because the zigzags have been moving in the same direction. I can not distinguish. But with each movement, as if I am moving in a tunnel made of zigzags. As if I am travelling in a wormhole or something. Unintentionally, I am taking the position of the fetus. These colors and shapes, the sense of happiness they gave me is so much that I want to protect myself by closing in. Movements of the sphere continues slowing and and begins moving in the opposite direction. It starts getting smaller and when it comes to the actual size, the movements stop. The sphere stands fixed in a metallic silver gray color. I am stretching my arms and legs by opening as much as possible. The feeling of happiness the sphere had given was so much, that I am trying to ease my body by stretching my muscles. I close my eyes, but nothing ever changed. The sphere is there, even my eyes are closed, I can see it. The sphere is getting transparent. I am in outer space. I can see planets, meteors, suns. It is certain that I am not close to the Earth. I can breathe. I can feel my chest swell in my every breath. So, I am alive. Sphere begins to move forward. It is moving towards a nearby planet. We are entering the orbit slowly. There is no atmosphere. I can see all the craters, mountains, hills on the planet. It looks like the Moon. While moving in orbit around the planet, at the other side of the planet I see that another planet, perhaps one-fifth of the size, has hit. But this collision has not shredded the planets. The other planet has entered into the big planet untill half. But both of the planets maintain their shapes in an excellent way. As if the Moon has hitten the Earth and entered into world untill half. Small planet consists of just craters, cracks and valleys. There is no elevation. After completing a half tour around the planet, the sphere is slowly moving away from the planet and continues on the road. Gradually begins to accelerate. The warmhole consisting of zigzags appears again. I continue a journey that full of happiness in this tunnel consisting of colors and shapes. In very short times, very strong light clouds passes closely out of the tunnel. I can not see what is out there. I think this happens when I pass by the stars like sun. While passing through each light source, light beams leaked into the tunnel mixes the colors and shapes and fills my body with more happiness. On the one hand, I would like to pass by more light sources, but on the other hand every time I pass, the happiness I took is too much for my body and I want it to finish instantly. The sphere slowdowns and colors and shapes getting transparent. When the tunnel completely disappear, a huge planet stands in front of me ahead. Maybe four or five times larger than the Earth. While getting closer, I see that it is all covered by white clouds. Sphere is approaching to the planet and going into the clouds. When we go out of the clouds, I see that all the surface is straight and green. While the sphere is getting closer to the surface, I realize that I am actually on a green ocean. I do not see any part of the land. Sphere continues to go down, and enters into the green ocean. The thing that we enter into is not water. It is a viscous liquid such as jelly. While the sphere moving down inside the ocean, I can understand the intensity of the liquid through the tracks we leave behind us. But, even though the thing we are moving in is so dense, it is as clear as water. It does not prevent my sight. I see a bright light ahead. While getting closer, I realize that it is actually thousands of light sources. Sphere stops near the lights. These small light sources seem to be fed by eating the ocean that I am standing inside. These are growing by eating the dense liquid. When they reach to three or four meters length, they are dividing Into thousands of small pieces again in a very natural way and proliferate by this way. While I was thinking that if they proliferate by this way, all planet will be full of these creatures shortly and there will not remain neither this ocean, nor the dense liquid; I am feeling that a silhouette is approaching from bottom. Silhouette is getting closer and bigger. It is approaching to the thousands of light sources from underneath, and swallows all in a lump. It returns to the ocean as it comes. I am wondering why those light sources did not escape from that black thing; while the sphere is leaving the ocean. Sphere is leaving the ocean and continues moving to sky, to the space. Slowly, we are leaving behind this interesting planet. Sphere again enters the wormhole consists of colors and shapes to continue the journey that fills me with happiness. I wonder our next stop with happiness.

I hope my existence means something to someone...
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