Vimeo Launches "Best of 2014" Page and It's Awesome.

One of my favorite things about Vimeo is their "Staff Picks." Every day when I log in, I go straight to my feed to look for these videos. Not only does Vimeo host some of the most amazing, artistic videos to be found online, they also know it. Which makes it even easier to find these videos! They just released their "A Year in Video" page ( and it's really cool. Not only is the layout awesome, but they've curated ~30 (I'm guessing here) videos that stood out to them over the last year. Many of the videos I haven't seen yet; many I want to watch. Check out the list! I'm starting with one titled "Sammy the Explorer," a piece done sort of in the style of Wes Anderson about a boy who meets "The Ocean People."

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