Home Remedies for Natural Curly Hair

Ladies with naturally curly tresses needs a special hair care regimen. Your strands can easily be weaken if you shampoo regularly. Heating tool should be avoided if you want healthy and damage-free hair. The best way to keep your strands strong is to strengthen it. Skip Shampooing This is nothing new but you should keep your frequent hair wash can strip off natural oil from your hair. Dry shampoo is the perfect invention for your texture. Sprinkle a small amount along your hairline, leaving it to absorb for a few minutes. Then work it in with your fingers to soak up grease and sweat. DIY Hair Mask Keeping your hair hydrated is critical to fight frizz. You don't need to frequent the salon for deep conditioning treatments. Instead you can try inexpensive DIY hair mask. Here are a few: 1. Oil Conditioning @sophiamor) - http://www.vingle.net/posts/610580 2. Peppermint Avocado Hair Mask @stargaze) - http://www.vingle.net/posts/610580 DIY Strand Strengthener Did you know the proteins in gelatin can help repair damaged hair and making it less prone to frizz? Mix a packet of the unflavored gelatin with warm water. Let it sit for 20 minutes then apply to clean, wet hair. Leave gelatin on for 30 minutes and rinse out and follow with your regular conditioner.

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