All-Natural Homemade Raspberry Blush

It's time to treat your skin a little better. We all want beautiful and healthy skin. However, we've been using a lot of harmful ingredients on our skin daily. If we can cut back on the things we put on our face, you can dramatically notice a complexion difference. There's a bunch of blush out there that uses unknown chemical and ingredient to process color. Instead of relying on those products, try using this homemade raspberry blush for rosy and beautiful cheeks. I promise you don't have to be a scientist to make this blush. All you need is a sturdy coffee grinder. You know you invested in that machine for a reason other than coffee. ;) Ingredients: 4 teaspoon of raspberry powder, made of freeze dried raspberries 1-2 teaspoon arrowroot starch Instructions: 1. Place frozen raspberries into a coffee grinder. Process until you have fine powder. Depending on your machine, you might have to stop occasionally and brush off the sides. 2. Transfer powder into a small bow and mix it with arrowroot starch. Tip: start by adding one teaspoon of arrowroot starch and test the shade using a powder brush; if the color is too intense, add more arrowroot starch until you have the desired color. Store in an airtight container.

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