Why Horoscopes are Worthwhile!

Whether or not you truly believe that the stars you were born under and the conditions of the world and galaxy outside yourself affect your personality and fate, you should give your horoscope and astrology readings a chance! Allow me explain to those that are skeptical. I am totally fine with you not believing that what's written in the stars and moons and suns doesn't affect who you are. That's fine for you to believe: it's totally your choice. But that doesn't mean that horoscopes cannot do something for you. Everyone wants to know something about their place in the world. Even if the specific reading you get, or the specific birth chart you meet up with doesn't seem to match up with you perfectly, you become aware of whats wrong. If it says "you are sensitive and easily hurt by others," but you know this to be untrue, you learn that about yourself! If it says "you are confident in love," you realize you are not. Of course, most of us already know these things about ourselves. We know our flaws and weaknesses. But sometimes, we need to step outside ourselves and see the situation differently to move forward, and that is what horoscopes and readings allow us to do. Though often vague in nature, a horoscope that warns "your fight with a friend might not be what it seems; sit down with them and see what the real problem is," might help you think again, curb your anger, and come to a resolution. Even if the problem is what you thought it was all along, the horoscope may have helped you to take a moment to rethink the way you're handling your life. I'm not forcing you to believe in or practice astrology. Astrology, to me, is a science based on a specific set of ideas regarding the universe, and there are many different sects within astrology that disagree with each other. It is superstition to some, religion to others, and I don't think it has to be any of that to you. What I do think you should respect, though, is that the horoscopes, whether or not you think they're a message from the universe, can help you to put your life into a new perspective, and that, I think, is always worthy of your time! So the next time you're having relationship dilemmas, don't feel that you have to leave things to the fate of the stars if you read your horoscope! Instead, allow the wisdom in the horoscope guide you to rethink, rediscover, and revamp yourself to make choices that will lead to your happiness in life and in love!

It's written in the stars.
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