DIY Bejeweled Beanie

One of my favorite way to dress my hair on cold day is throw on a beanie on my head. It tames fly aways, keeps my head cozy, and hides bad hair day. My only complain is it's hard to find an attractive knit beanie that matches my style. With that said, here's an easy tutorial to make your own statement beanie. What you need: Jewel bracelet (with elastic band). Knit beanie Needle Thread Scissors 1. Take apart the jewels on the bracelet. Lay out the design you want to attach to your hat. Play around with spacing when mocking up your design. Note that the knit hat will stretch once you put it on, so be sure to mark if necessary with chalk or pins where the beads will be attached. 2. When you got the mockup ready, it's time to sew it on your beanie! Try creating an X-shape and stitch it 3-4 times. End the stitch on the inside of the hat and secure with a knot. Don't forget to tie off the first stitch. 3. Trim excess thread so it doesn't rub against your forehead. If you don't like the final placement of the beads once you try your hat on, simply use a seam ripper to remove the bead and try again.

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