So Which of You K-Pop Vinglers Watch 'No Mercy'?! Let's Talk!

I am seriously obsessed with this TV show. In 'No Mercy', Starship Entertainment (the label that's home to Sistar, Boyfriend, Madclown, K.Will, etc.) is trying to narrow 12 of their male trainees into an eventual boy group that will be debuting shortly after the show's end. Each episode, they have to do a different challenging that requires them to show off their range of talents, and then the judges (Hyorin, Wheesung, K.Will, Madclown and sometimes even special guests like Soyou, San-E, and Gain) rank them and whoever does the worst is eliminated! My favorite contestants so far is Shownu, who used to be a JYP trainee and was supposed to debut with JJ Project and GOT7 before he was cut from the label. After he left JYP, he was a touring back-up dancer for Lee Hyori, and his dance skills always get him really high scores with the judges on this show. In one of the earlier episodes, he even goes to visit GOT7 after a concert, and they all go out to dinner together and talk about the memories they have. (JR from GOT7 calls Shownu a 'Little Rain'! It's so cute.) Anyway, I wanted to show you guys the 'No Mercy' songs that came out since the beginning of the show. Every so often, if a contestant wins top place, they get to release a single with Starship artists! The first one is "Coach Me" which is a collaboration with 'No Mercy' contestant/rapper Jooheon, Hyorin, and San-E. The second one is "Pillow" that features contestant/vocal Kihyun, Giriboy, and Soyou! Which song is your favorite? I still can't decide! (Also, if you want to watch 'No Mercy', new episodes come out each week and can be found with official English subtitles on YouTube!)

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