The right eating habits right from the start!

0 mth: tilt the head of your baby towards the mother's breast so that the milk can enter the mouth and stimulate a swallowing reflex reaction after smelling the milk of the mother 1st mth: feed your baby with 100cc of breast milk each time 3rd mth: allow your baby to drink as much as he or she wants 4th mth: you may start feeding your baby with liquid food such as cereal or porridge but do not rush to feed your baby 5th mth: if your baby starts to look around while feeding on breastmilk, pretend not to show any notice or your baby may think that he or she is getting the attention and stop eating. you may also like to start feeding your baby with a little meat or green yellow vegetables Recommended diet: non-glutinous or glutinous rice, potato, sweet potato, autumn squash, cabbage, broccoli 6th mth: the front teeth starts to grow and send the food to the back of the tongue during eating 7th mth: your child starts to make use of his or her chin during chewing 8th mth: your child may be able to start drinking from the milk bottle on his or her own. you may start feeding your child with food which requires gentle biting Recommended diet: beef, chicken breast, mushroom, white fish, bananas, pear, apples, carrots, spinach 10th mth: at this stage, your child requires 750-900kcal of calories everyday. it is also necessary to cultivate the habit of eating three times a day in your child 11th mth: it is recommended for your child to start consuming crispy and yet easily dissolvable food 12th mth: even though your child may know how to insert food into his mouth, take precaution as he does not have the capability to chew all kinds of food yet Recommended diet: beansprouts, brinjal, grape juice, cheese, sesame oil, black rice 13th mth: you child may start to show what kind of food he likes and dislikes 14th mth: your child requires 1000kcal of calories everyday and it is recommended for your child to take at least 600ml of milk daily 17th mth: it is easy for your chlid to become distracted during meal times at this stage Recommended diet: beef, pork, fish, green pepper, paprika, tomatoes, persimmons, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, soy sauce, vinegar 19th mth: your child will be able to distinguish if the food is too hot for consumption 20th mth: your child will be able to inform you if he is hungry or full 24th mth: Starts to be able to feed himself with fork and spoon and is also able to drink from cup Recommended diet: salmon, tuna, crab meat, shellfish, leeks, radish, parsley, peaches, avocados, bank, red beans, cream cheese, salt, miso, curry powder 25-29th mth: your child learns to share conversation during meals. It is necessary to not only give your child the food that he likes and recommended to give your child snacks no more than 3 times a day Recommended diet: fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products 30-36th mth: makes sure your child starts learning table manners and etiquette such as clearing up his or her plates after meals Recommended cooking methods: Avoid spicy or salty food

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