What's the Deal with Compression Pants?

More than leggings, these tight-fitting pants aren't just mean to make your legs look skinny - but what do they do exactly? Ideally, the tightness of the fabric increases blood flow as well as aid recovery if there is any injury in that area (for example, arm compression bands) The compression also can reduce soreness in muscles especially in the leg area. I am used to working out in looser clothing so that my movement is not restricted, but compression pants do the exact opposite - on purpose! In shorts or pants, the compression support actually limits extra muscle motion during movement like running to make each stride more efficient. This helps you use up less energy while still getting the benefit of exercise. You'll find that you can run further, longer. Weirder still, compression pants may help cool the body by getting your sweat off the body and allowing it to disperse faster. This keeps you cooler as you exercise! Now, compression pants won't turn you into an Olympic runner overnight, but after getting used to the feel of these pants you'll soon find your performance improving bit by bit.

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