Renowned BASE Jumper Josh Sheppard Passes Away (Video Tribute)

Josh Sheppard was known as one of the most talented wing suit skydivers in the sport. Not only was his skills of sky diving well known, but his personality was as well. Unfortunately, Josh Sheppard passed away last Wednesday from a BASE jumping accident. (The video attached is a tribute of Josh's create character and sense of humor) "He lived every moment equally and with the same passion and desire to connect with that moment and those people," Abe Sheppard said of his brother, business partner and best friend. Josh leapt from a 1,000-foot TV tower in Michigan State. His parachute failed to deploy and he soon passed away from injuries sustained from the fall. He was 31. An instructor, coach and "world class wing suit organizer," Josh had completed more than 4000 sky dives and about 200 BASE jumps. His friends and family know he was fully aware of the risks associated with the activities he loved. But he will sorely be missed. As a tribute to his great personality, here is a video of Josh as he jumped out of a plane and sang "Take My Breath Away" during his descent.

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