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I found this on Yahoo! I love the graphics! Click the Link to see his hairstyle changes really cool graphics! 50 Years of David Bowie's Hairstyles in 5 Seconds ‎January‎ ‎19‎, ‎2015 By Max Berlinger 50 Years of David Bowie's Hairstyles in 5 Seconds A half-century is an awfully long time, and yet if you count backward from 2014 all the way to 1964, you get a pretty comprehensive look at David Bowie’s iconic, genre-defying career. The only thing that can rival the performer’s musical contributions to the cultural canon is, of course, the shockwaves his rebellious fashion sense created. And, as you’d expect, for each of those singular looks came a hairstyle that was equally as noteworthy. Now, artist Helen Green has compressed all these tonsorial experiments down into one tightly edited .gif, thus displaying maximum impact of the rock star’s grooming choices within a minimal time frame. It certainly proves that 50 years can go by in a flash and that Bowie made the most of that period.

Hi Yall! I am a native Virginian. Mixed ancestry. Diverse. Interests vary from my pets, volunteering with kids seniors animals, exercising/weightlifting, traveling, cooking, dancing. While girly I like toys from cars, fishing, boats, hitting my golf club, shooting my guns at the range riding motorcycles etc. Interested in learning Spanish. Enjoy having fun and am told I am a little jokester! Thanks for your time! Look forward to learning more about this site and you! Love, Peace, Soul.
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