Desire Playlist pt 2

Okay so as previously discussed desire doesn't hafta be can be determination or a passion for something other than smex. So here's my go-getta I'm gettin' mine n doin' juss fine side of desire. Its mainly Korean hip hop soooo if you're not into that this list definitely isn't for you. And there's once again a lot of Jay Park and Dok2....and if you don't like them....idk if we can be friends.....soooo....*awkward* 1. BTS__ Born Singer Put it on repeat....list is over.... lol jk but seriously their version is better. I've said it before but I mean we know the rapper line can tear ish up but the vocal line does their thang too. 2. Epik High__ Fly Youuuu can do itttt! Fly baby flyyyy! Lol you have a soul of lead if you don't feel like you can fly after you listen to this song. 3. Zico__I'm Still Fly Keeping with the Fly Who doesn't sing to this hook and feel like an OG? 4. Dok2 ft Zion T__ On My Way Felt this song somewhere deep in my heart when I first heard it....had no idea what he was saying but I felt it. One of my all time favorites. I love the line....Sometimes change is better change is worse I gotta lil problem against the world....Time is ticking away. Like you can obsess over change and be mad about it but in the end you're only given one lifetime and its better spent gettin yours than worrying about things you have no control over. 5. Gray ft Dok2 & Crush __ Dream Chaser Pay attention to the lyrics....this song is seriously inspiring and soooooo damn good<3 6. Swings ft Gray__ Victorious 2 This hook<3333 I’m gonna overcome, I’m gonna achieve everything I’ll push down all the walls in front of me like The Hulk Even if my bones break, even if it hurts I’ll break it all down one by one like dominoes 7. Kim Hyun Joong ft Jay Park__ Unbreakable The beat makes you wanna go all Rocky on a side of beef. 8. Jay Park ft Dok2__ Doin Good Determination....can't hold him down. I just love this song....I say that a lot about songs but its true. I'm more connected to music than ppl or posessions really...which is kinda sad but moving onnn... 9. Dok2 ft Loco & Gray__No More I'm obsessed with this anthem. Its just sooooo friggin good. 10. Jay Park ft Dok2__Hands Up Get your hands up!!!! I’m feelin’ good and I won’t turn down for nobody There’s one life to live so everyone enjoy it So get ‘em high high We gon’ fly fly Let’s do it right right Ohhhhh if you didn't get turnt up during that song....there's no hope for you. Imma be rocking this playlist for the next week lol....I need it. I hate rough patches but this is gonna help for sure :) BC I'm still fly and I won't turn down for nobody. Hope you guys enjoyed and even if you didn't thanks for giving it a shot. That One Fanman@Mattk95@nenegrint

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