Discriminating Bridal Taste

It's not what you think. There's no legalese referencing tourmaline, beryl, obsidian, onyx, or a host of other "black" stones. The black diamonds pictured are precisely that: authentic, black, and of course, diamonds. If I start to think about it, I become paralyzed with dread. I imagine waking to midnight terrors of goths and looters...a riotous stampede for these precious heirlooms. Bolt the doors. Funnel them to Michigan...or to a tattoo parlor. But I digress. Regrettable or not, plenty of women noose their fingers in safe stones. And by safe, I mean clear diamonds, white pearls, red garnets, green emeralds, yellow topaz, blah blah blah.... These are the women who walk the malls, slurp through straws, dine on fast food.... Brides who choose the route of a black diamond know who they are. They exude attributes that are natural. Power. Style. Influence. I think rarer than black diamonds are the men left in this world who can be man enough to embrace a woman of this ilk. Dagny Taggart would have worn a black diamond. Hell, she would have purchased it herself and handed the receipt to Hank Reardon. Where, O where are the Dagnys and Hanks of this world?

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