$2.4 Million Bridal Ruby

That's two point four million dollars. And worth every damn cent. What you see before you is the largest untreated Burmese cabochon ruby that the world has ever seen on auction. Weighing in at almost 28 carats, this Bvlgari behemoth was auctioned at Sotheby's Hong Kong. The ring features one exquisite quality "sugar loaf" cabochon ruby nestled between two trilliant fancy shaped diamonds. If you are like me and you sold your soul years ago for rubies, then we are in the same predicament: neither of us will ever get this wrapped around our fingers. Ever. (Pours another glass of wine.) Brides should know that getting rubies for your engagement ring in the vintage style is possible. It's practical too when you consider that rubies will retain their value, far eclipsing diamonds, because they are all the more rare. The legendary Mongok mines may have seen their veins run dry in recent years and experts conclude, sadly, that the discovery of mega gems is probably past us. However, there are still rubies of excellent quality on the market available for purchase. Remember, you can keep whatever engagement ring you've (already) got, just replace any number of stones with rubies. Replacing gemstones can be done in a jeweler's sleep nowadays.

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