Knicks Win Tank Bowl; Beat 76ers 98-91

Who said that winning is everything? Whoever said that clearly never met the New York Knicks or the Philadelphia 76ers. The reality is that these two teams are trying to position themselves to win the NBA draft lottery. And what is the best way to do that? Lose. Lose A LOT. Well, while the team brasses may be following that strategy, the players do not seem to agree. There you have Carmelo Anthony playing like his life is on the line. There you have Langston Galloway, again, looking like a diamond in the rough. There you have Michael Carter Williams giving it his all to pull his team together. These players are not buying into the tanking mentality. Melo, who had 27 points and 11 boards, clearly is playing for pride. He, as he is on many nights, was the best player on the court. And that is what made the difference tonight. He dominated the 76ers from the perimeter and the post. Tonight, Melo was enough. But while I may sound like a bad fan, I just hope that we have seen enough Melo for this year....

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