Hairstyles That Compliment Glasses

Up until 10th grade in high school, I had perfect vision. In fact, I was really proud of it because the thought of being the only one in the family with 20/20 eye sight felt good. My glorious days didn't last very long when I have to visit an optometry to get my first pair of silver frame eyewear (what was trending in 2006). Even though I was prescribe to wear those lens I hesitate to walk out of my house with them. The only time I really use them was in class. My whole perspective of eyewear being unattractive changed when I saw Zooey Deschanel's vintage specs and her signature hairstyle (bangs with wavy textured hair). Ladies, it's the hair. If you don't want to look stiff and dull with glasses play with your hair texture and style. Reason: A lot of time spectacles can put a lot of weight on your features. This makes our appearance appear more fierce and bold. In order to balance it out you should play with a soft hairstyle. When in doubt, go with bangs. It draws attention to the eyes but it also softens your frame. How do you style your hair when you wear glasses?

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