this world I live

So I live in this world that not many have the heart for. it's a world where you get what you earn and a world you may be asked by a man that believes in you, 'what are you here for?' this same man will ask me what makes me believe I can live in his world? Ask me to bring him a picture of my bike and my Ole lady and it's not anything to take light but to tread light in spite of this world. There's a reason I'm here and a reason I would like to take place in a future so clear. it takes a special kind of want to be put down, at times be the jesture and the clown, it takes a special kind of need to bite my tongue just to watch it bleed. this life so I'm told isn't for everyone, it is not given to anyone, You have to earn this life you have to earn this respect, you have to earn it's love loyalty and a respect for another man that is always going to be your equal, but its also a life so im told thats only yours, it's yours to write your own book, waiting and living always for the next sequel. It took its time and it took toll to finally have this life that I know, it is very very good to finally be part of a brotherhood. I learn that people and media are always acting like they know, of those and of this life I chose, to have by-laws commitments and answers to questions of those I call my bro's it's often discouraging to be asked at times what is this patch for and what's that patch mean? if I have to explain to someone I don't know I tell them I don't mind that they ask but more than likely I won't give them what they want to hear. but if they like they can wash my bike or buy me a beer. there so much I have to say cause I love the life and the way, I'll stop today right here but I don't mind a life that brings me a whole new birth every year. it was good to to show and appear up in hear so till next time I'm up out of this bitch, I'm up out of here.

Bandido by profession.. Biker by trade.. Lover by choice.. I ride hard to stay hard.. I work hard to play hard... and I live life everday like its my last... my life lessons have been taught and learned the hard way.. decided I must grow up someday but ill def be young forever.. and I am the person my parents warned me about..
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