The Best Workouts for Introverts

Did you dread P.E. as a kid? Do you get nervous when someone gets on the elliptical next to you in the gym? Not really interested in joining the company kickball team? Then here are some workouts designed for independence. You don't need anyone else with these exercises - leave the kickboxing class to your extrovert friends! 1. Swimming A very solitary exercise. In the water you can focus on your breathing, your form, and your speed without any distractions. It is a calming and rewarding workout every time! 2. Rowing@GetFitwithAmy actually posted a really great card about rowing yesterday ( and I hope it inspired some of you to start! Plug in your music and get rowing. 3. Interval Training First off, interval training is AMAZING for weight loss and muscle improvement. This is a workout that requires you to pay attention to your own body signals and to form a routine based completely on that. Working with someone else might be fun, but it could also slow you down. 4. Pilates With all of the resources on YouTube, Vingle, or Tumblr for home pilates, there is no reason to leave your living room! Check out Blogilates for awesome routines that will get you a rocking, strong body without having to bother with classes. 5. Yoga While there is something to be said about a powerful yoga class, yoga is the ideal solitary practice. Clearing your mind and listening to your own breath is best done in a quiet place free of all distractions.

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