Tom Felton is Officially in Gryffindor

As if Tom Felton wasn't already hunky enough, we not know that he is not evil and is a confirmed Gryffindor, as per the Pottermore website! Is he worthy of being in Gryffindor? Let's count it down. Considering that Gryffindor are typically the well-liked and popular, those who are charming, valiant, heroic, and courageous; yet are also vain, selfish, and arrogant; would go out of their way to win and boast their own deeds. 1) He got Gryffindor on the Pottermore website, which is pretty much law about where you'd be if Hogwarts was a place we were all headed. 2) He is multi-talented: acting, directing, singing, playing guitar! 3) He's compassionate and caring (aka he loves dogs enough to make any girl swoon). He also has had the same girlfriend for 7+ years, and clearly adores her! 4) He never really seemed to love Slytherin that much. Does this look like a convincing fist pump? I don't think so! 5) He's not afraid to be loved and admired, like a proper Gryffindor! 6) He's always up for a challenge!

Three turns should do it! -Hermione
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