Pearls Before Swine

Yeah, I think I heard that phrase at some point, somewhere. It was in the Bible, no doubt. Anyhow, I am enamored by this striking pearl engagement ring. Look at it. Really take it in. That buttery sweet and delicious nacre. I'd love to lather my whole body with that miracle of nature, (farmed or not). When you choose a pearl, you're looking for something that speaks to you. It's intuitive. Pigs can't speak, therefore, unless a piece of pearl jewelry speaks directly to you, then leave it behind. This vintage beauty comes from Leigh Jay Nacht (or Priced at just $1,150, this ring is virtually free, it's that inexpensive. Charge it, you'll never notice it. Stock Number: VR1206c It's described as 1940s-era, which technically means it's an antique. It measures 12.8 mm in diameter, with a cultured pearl "that is accented with twenty small diamonds in the tapered shoulders. The gallery had a lovely scroll engraving." The ring fits like a size 4.0 - 4.25 and is 14k gold.

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