Tips on how to deal with your child's cold

1) Place a hot pack below your child's neck when the weather is chilly. 2) Mash about two cups of flour with tofu and place it on your child's forehead or chest to give it a calming and relieving inflammation effect. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours before replacing it with a new one. 3) During a cold, your child may find it harder to digest. Slice 20g of radish and place on top of soft rice and add five tablespoons full of breast milk or powdered milk and leave it to boil. 4) When the throat is dry, feed your child with jujube and carrot juice. Both jujube and carrot have the effect of warming the body and jujube can help to relieve cough. 5) To relieve runny nose or cough, apply one or two drops of peppermint oil on the chest. 6) Feed your child with pear juice if he is experiencing cough or when he is about to show signs of a flu or sore throat.

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