Bridal Mask Resumed Filming After Bus Accident

TV Report reported that the shoot resumed on the 24th at Paju, Kyeonggido. A staff claimed, "Along with the grieving for the one who passed away, we thought it was only right that we resume shooting and create a great drama". The bus accident happened on the 18th with 31 or so supporting actors and other staffs on board, it fell about 1.5 meters into a field below while on the way to Hap Cheon Theme Park which was the next location. The brakes on the bus were ruptured and couldn't stop before the fall. Meanwhile, "Bridal Mask" is based on Heo Yeong-man's original back in 1974 about the Japanese colonization in the 1930s. The main actor Lee Kang-to (Joo Won) whoh was an expert in martial arts stood up against the Japanese. Other than Joo Won, the cast includes Shin Hyeon-joon, Jin Se-yeon, Han Chae-ah, Park Ki-woong, Cheon Ho-jin, Jeon No-min and more. This drama will be aired after "The Equator Man" on the 30th as a 24 part series. Src: <a href=></a> via <a href=>hancinema</a>

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